With video “Why did they lock the places of worship and operas running?” .. Amr


05:54 PM

Sunday 05 April 2020

I wrote – Mona Al-Muji:

Amr Mahmoud Yassin, the artist and scriptwriter, appeared to his fans and followers of his official account on “Facebook”, through a live broadcast, in which he answered the question, “Why did they close the places of worship and series? Do you imagine?”

Amr said in the video, “When I asked Maine Berouh to work every day, they answered a lot of people, and they said that they are regular with work every day. The issue of acting and actors in Nesbali is very strange. First, when he met an artist, he would love him, happy with him Terrible, and in Ramadan people sit back and watch the soap operas. “

He continued, “We will not talk about art as a valuable and respectable thing, and formed and found people throughout history. This is outside the framework of the discussion that I do not see. This is free.” He added, “Before the crisis of Corona started, we started series. A great journey, the problem happened, what do we do, O group, they said that what a little work is complete and everyone with a certain spirit is afraid and tense and anxious, but he has a commitment to the issue, it is not a question of money, not all people are with them millions, who take very few countries, not the largest percentage of those working In art. “

And Amr continued, “In the series, which includes a daily worker, every work of art has 400 or 500 workers and they have families. The series is not represented, but if my series stops, I will have a financial problem, and in the end, the livelihood of our Lord, comes and goes, this is the Lord of God, so do you think that I or someone else Hateen Skype in my home, hours very snug and in the spirit of taking loans. “

In response to the slogan “Stay in the House”, which the actors repeat in the videos, while they continue to go to work, he said: “It has to do with what was happening before the ban by the exit of the people and the coffee comes out, and the one who benefits from practicing his work in the house, kindly works as someone who knows us He is sitting at home. “

He added: “I was upset by Captain Ahmed Hassan,” referring to his response to an actress who assured the public that the filming sites are sterilized every day. Hassan said: “We wouldn’t go and pray with you.” Amr commented: “Captain Ahmed Hassan Ayez reduces the value of art. If you think with the same logic, I will tell you that it will be useful. You remain 22 men by running a leather ball, of course you cannot say that I know what football is important sport, and art is important and influential, who does not know the value of art, this is his problem.

Some were critical of the continued filming of the Ramadan series, in light of precautionary and preventive measures, and asking artists to the public to commit to sitting in their homes to limit the spread of the Corona virus.


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