Witness .. A young man obsessed with plants turns his apartment into a forest photo


Adoration of plants can become addictive, as you love to see color
Green surrounds you from all sides, giving you peace of mind, psychological comfort and energy
Positivity may make you transform your home from an ordinary place into a thick forest of trees

A young man named “Joe Bagley” 20 years old transformed his house
One bedroom into an indoor forest full of 1400 species of home plant.

So you see every corner full of tropical plants, flowers, cacti, succulents, and vines, who might need to visit a garden when it’s surrounded by greenery on each side?

Joe works in a central garden, confirming that he spent £ 3,500 on plants according to the Metro newspaper, in addition to setting aside several hours a day to fertilize and water them.

The harmony between it and its plants has reached the point of “having a sixth sense” where he woke up one time during the middle of the night and there is something inside him that tells him that one of his groups needs additional care.

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