Yallakora dialogue .. Carton: Zamalek did not negotiate with me for renewal


Zamalek coach Patrice Carteron talked about what was being raised about the renewal of his contract with the team, and welcomed the idea of ​​canceling the Premier League championship.

Yalla Koura met with the coach of the team, where they discussed a number of matters, but the most important among them was the suspension of football activity today and its future with the team.

Here are the details of the interview:

How do you see the activity stopped at the moment?

Of course, I hope to return to playing matches again, but most importantly, everyone’s safety and stay at home now so that we are safe.

Is it better to complete the league or cancel the competition and start a new league?

I don’t know what will happen on this matter, but we accept the federation’s decision. If the desire is to end the league and start a new league, we will play whatever decision.

What about renewing your contract with Zamalek?

There is nothing new about that because we haven’t talked yet and wait for what will happen in the coming days.

Are there conditions that I set for renewal?

I cannot talk about the terms of the renewal because we did not talk at all.

Did you make a list of the players who left in the new season?

He talked with the players about that after I saw the media saying that I gave the list of players leaving to manage the club and this was a mistake and it did not happen because the time of their departure will be my contract is over.

What about the team’s needs and deals for the new season?

As I told you my contract will expire and I cannot talk about the future now and determine the team’s future deals.

What is your message to the fans of Zamalek?

I want to thank the fans especially after we gave them the African Super and the Egyptian Super Championships and they are happy to win them.


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