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Your morning is European. It is a daily morning report that monitors the distinguished guests of Yalla Koura, the most prominent headlines in the major European newspapers, whether German, English, Italian, Spanish or French.

English press

Daily Mail

Standard Barcelona deals for sale

Barcelona duo Philippe Coutinho and Osman Dembele offer to sell or enter into mutual deals.

Barcelona spent 267 million pounds to buy the duo from Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund but now he is ready to get rid of them.

Anfield development delay

Due to the lack of development of the Anfield stadium, the stronghold of Liverpool, the stadium expansion will be delayed until the summer of 2023.

The development plan was interrupted by the emerging corona virus, which halted sports and construction work.

The Sun

Arsenal returns to training

The English team Arsenal returned to training after a 47-day hiatus after obtaining permission to gradually return to training.

The Arsenal team gathered after their coach Mikel Artita, who was infected with the newly born Corona virus, was recovered as Covid 19.


Lampard’s big mistake

Englishman Frank Lampard will make a big mistake if he signs Brazilian Philip Coutinho from Barcelona.

Coutinho was inflated when he moved to Barcelona, ​​so it would be wrong for Chelsea to pay a large sum to join him.

Spanish press


Not Messi or Ronaldo

Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho believes that the Brazilian phenomenon is the best Ronaldo in the world in terms of natural talent, not Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.

“If we are going to talk about natural talent, the best in the world is not Cristiano or Messi, but he is Brazilian Ronaldo,” Mourinho said.


Real’s future

The young Uruguayan player, Facundo Bellestre, is a future player for Latin football, and therefore finds great follow-up by Real Madrid officials.

The player, who has a penal clause in his contract worth just 11 million euros, is following Real Madrid but finds competition from Manchester City who also wants to sign him.

Mundo Deportivo

The departure of Ravenia

Brazilian Ravenia agreed with Barcelona club management to leave next summer in exchange for a sum of money to break the contract between them.

The two parties agreed to pay Rafinha for 16 million euros to become a free player who has the right to transfer to any club, in light of the interest of several Italian clubs in it.

The Italian press

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Ronaldos return

Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo, is to return to Turin from Madeira today, Tuesday, after the club’s management began calling in their players from abroad to resume training.

According to the Portuguese newspaper “Ricorde”, Ronaldo will return to Italy and spend two weeks quarantined due to the Coronavirus, before taking part in training.

Football Italy

UEFA supports unions

The European Football Association (UEFA) has provided more than 236 million and 500,000 euros in financial aid to the 55 member associations to meet the challenges related to the Corona virus crisis.

According to the statement posted on the official website of UEFA today, Monday, each national federation receives 4.3 million euros in financial aid from the Continental Union to cover the expenses.

French press

To be installed

Ben Yeder was a target of Barcelona

The Spanish club Barcelona wanted to sign the French international, Wissam Ben Yeder, player of Monaco club during the last winter transfer market.

Barcelona continued with Monaco last winter to sign Ben Yeder, but the French club’s financial demands were greater than what Barca had expected.

France Football

Saint-Germain is close to the annexation of Portos back

Paris Saint-Germain is close to signing Alex Thieles, the left back of Porto, next summer.

The newspaper pointed out that the negotiations between Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazilian player have made great progress in recent days.

German press


Lewandowski is Bayern’s second best striker

Bayern Munich player Thomas Muller sees his colleague Robert Lewandowski as the second best striker in Bavarian history.

Muller said: “With regard to the best strikers in Bayern history, Lewandowski comes directly behind Gerd Muller in terms of goals and effectiveness.”

Coutinho is about to leave

Brazilian star Felipe Coutinho has become the loaned Bayern Munich player about to leave the Bavarian club and not activate the purchase clause in his contract after the statements of the Bavarian sports director Hassan Salih Hamidic.

“We want to strengthen our team with great talent from Europe, and to bring in an international star for Bayern Munich, which will raise the quality of the team and help provide exciting and profitable football to the fans,” Hamidic said.


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