“You’re going to be walking on a rope,” Bundesliga on the threshold of returning


The German first division is close to being the first European league to return to life, in light of the interruption of the game since last March, due to the spread of Corona virus.

The German Football Association has set a date for the ninth of next May, to resume the “Bundesliga” competitions, but the date remains uncertain, in light of the isolation measures applied in German lands.

The head of the North Rhine-Westphalia government, Armin Lassett, said that “Bundesliga” is close to returning on May 9th, which was also in line with the statements of Marcus Soder, head of the Bavarian provincial government.

“The basic condition for it to be well thought out,” Lachit said in a video interview with the German newspaper “Bild”, confirmed by the German Confederation in the past few days that confirmed the implementation of preventive measures.

“It’s like walking on the rope, we have to be very careful, even playing without an audience like walking on the rope, after the plans that have been presented, we can start playing as early as May 9th,” Lachit continued.

The Bundesliga competition stopped after 25 rounds, and Bayern Munich tops the table with 55 points, four points ahead of Borussia Dortmund, its closest attachment.


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