“Zaffat Baladi and Horse” .. The people of a village in Dakahlia receive a nurse after recovering from Corona


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The people of Kfar Abu Naser village, affiliated with the Dekernes Center in Dakahlia, received a nurse at the National Cancer Institute on Friday evening, after returning from the medical quarantine and recovering from the Corona virus.

Dozens of people from the village of Abu Naser went out on the road to receive Sabreen Naji El-Desouky, a nurse at the National Cancer Institute, and immediately upon their arrival, the squeals, tunes and municipal drums went out. .

“El Desouki” said: “I did not imagine that my reception would be with this beauty and love, and that my village people would rejoice at my return after my recovery from Corona in this way, especially what I heard about renouncing after the villages to the injured.”

She added, “The idea of ​​the wedding was from my father because he was the first to know the negativity of the second scanner. He was very happy and prepared the drum and the oboe.

And about her injury, she said: “I work in the intensive care of children at the National Cancer Institute and it is the nature of our work that we wear all protective clothing from masks and guantines, and this is normal for us even before the appearance of Corona and I do not know how the virus passed to me and after I confirmed my injury I was transferred to the Isolation Hospital in Kafr El-Zayat In Gharbia Governorate, I spent 12 days in it, and after that I was transferred to the University City in Mansoura for two days, and I went out after I confirmed the negative of the last scanner.

She thanked the people of the village, saying: “The love of people and their appreciation for our work is what encourages us that we continue despite the circumstances and risks.”

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