Zaki Fateen announces news that saddens his fans .. What is the relationship of cancer?


Egyptian actor Zaki Fateen sparked a wide campaign of sympathy from his fans after he announced that he was banned from participating in a series because of his illness.Fateen wrote on his Facebook account: “I am suffocated … I see a series with the talented director” Maryam Abu Auf “.. a comic role … not a comic … a role that is closer to ridicule at last … Because my immunity is weaker than the normal person .. especially after “chemo” sessions.

Fateen declared his financial support and said: “We went back again to the cursing and strangling father of illness.”It is noteworthy that, after suffering from lung cancer, Fatin suffered a severe health crisis that kept him in bed for more than two years, but he managed to pass that stage and obtain a high recovery rate.

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