Zamalek is awaiting the decision of the Shikabala fine to prepare a legal response


Zamalek officials are awaiting the arrival of an official letter from the International Federation “FIFA” regarding the expected punishment for the club regarding the departure of Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala from Sporting Lisbon before joining Zamalek without the knowledge of the management of the Portuguese club.

For his part, board member Hani Zada ​​commented Zamalek The position of player Mahmoud Abdel-Razek Shikabala of Zamalek player, and the appeal against the ruling issued by the International Football Association “FIFA” to fining the white club financially in the case presented by Sporting Lisbon of Portugal against Zamalek, which concerns the return of Shikabala, the white team leader from the Portuguese club to the castle of Mitt obstacle.

Zada added: “The council of Counselor Mortada Mansour succeeded in reducing the club’s fines incurred by the club during the era of the previous council headed by Mamdouh Abbas.“.Stressing that the difference between Mamdouh Abbas and Murtada Mansour, the former caused wholesale problems for the club while the latter managed to reduce and solve these problems“.

Hani Zadeh also confirmed that “the Portuguese newspaper that published the news that FIFA signed a fine on the club revolutionized the sports street, although FIFA did not issue an official decision from FIFA on that day.” Zada ​​said that until this moment, FIFA had not issued a decision regarding the player, Shikapala. With Mortada Mansour to inform him of the developments of the topic“.

He concluded: “Suppose that there is a fine issued against the player, we must wait for the decision to send FIFA to the Egyptian Football Association, then Zamalek sends its legal adviser to receive the reasons for the decision and this takes two months, and then you have a 21-day opportunity to challenge the decision, and then the sports court sets a hearing to hear, Two or three months later, the decision is issued, meaning that the punishment for Shikapala takes approximately one year“.


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