17 years old .. A girl declares her forced rape and photographed naked .. Witness


Overnight, social media outlets flipped over and issued a name Menna Abdel Aziz And Mazen Ibrahim, most of the posts and tweets, after a Tik Tok girl named Menna Abdel Aziz appeared and announced that she was raped by her friend Mazen with the help of her friends, according to her account, to immediately lead the hashtag «Haq Menna Abdel Aziz»And the arrest of the rapist Mazen Ibrahim, the trend, to reveal a new disaster through the program“ Tik Tok ”.

Menna Abdel Aziz is 17 years old, she gained her fame from behind videos that appeared in it, through the program Tik Tok with a young man named Muhammad Kalashnikov, and the young man and the girl claimed that they are married, and this remained the case until yesterday, when she appeared in a new video and her face is full of bruises, and confirmed that She was lured by a young man, Mazen Ibrahim, with the help of a group of her friends, that he assaulted her and forced her to rape her.

Mena Abdel Aziz said in the video, “One named Mazen Ibrahim raped me and my cameraman forced and stripped me and naked me in every body, and to whom I download the videos are the daughters of the companions agreeing with him .. Her name is Asma, Rahma, and Fatima .. They were in agreement with Mazen that they would rape me, beat me, and abuse me .. I want my truth .. I do not want to be an orphan, or I do not know the defect of the truth or I know the mistake. ”She added:“ I am the chapeau of life from Muhammad, because Mazen took my phone and took my money and escaped from his father .. His father is a healthy Jew .. Mazen I want to tell his father that he is I did not need anything, and he says that if I did not say that, he would give me a go.

After the video was published, the pioneers of social networking sites were divided into two halves. The first asserted that the issue was caused by improper dealing with the “Tik Tok” program and they attacked Mena Abdel Aziz because of her scandalous clothes that appear in her and dancing in an unethical way that contradicts Egyptian customs and traditions, while the other half sympathized With her, demanding the officials move to restore the girl’s right.

After the spread of a video from him, Abdulaziz, Mazen Ibrahim came out in his first comment on the incident through his personal account on “Facebook”, and published several videos and pictures that he confirmed did not rape the girl, asking forensic examination to prove his innocence, confirming that she was blackmailing him with Kalashnikov to obtain from him On the money, pointing out that her real name is a verse and not a favor, as she claims.

And in another post, Mazen Ibrahim wrote: “O fabricator, you forbidden hate, they see you as a cursor, oh …” Oh…. And it appeared to all of you that you are … as a joke. He also posted a video of him collecting them while performing some movements on the melodies of a song through the program “Tik Tok”, and he commented on it saying: “Days when I was defying the money, Mazen Koyes, but I met you with me, but now Kalashnikov Sweet, and you are not a girl long ago.

As Shaima Shaker, his friend Abdel Aziz, went out to defend herself by appearing in a live broadcast through her personal account on Facebook, to accuse many of the raped girl, stressing that she deserves what happened to her, adding that she has audio recordings documenting what exactly happened .

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