3 athletes admitted the mistake of leaving Al-Ahly .. Jose: to reduce my salary because my relationship with the club is more important than money .. Pisero: sad to leave the red .. and Al-Hadari expresses his remorse for escaping from the Red Castle


More than one person expressed his remorse for leaving Al-Ahly during the last period between a coach or player, he felt remorse for leaving the Red Castle and dreaming of achieving achievements with the Horn of Africa Club, especially since most of them felt the difference between what is inside and outside it, and the result was that the process of achieving Titles and accomplishments were stopped as soon as he departed from Al-Ahly or it became rare to investigate far from being present with the Red Genie.

There is more than one coach and player who hopes to regret the decision to leave Al-Ahly, especially after he found it difficult to achieve what he was able to achieve inside Al-Ahly while he was outside his walls, and he felt that he had made a mistake or rushed to take this step, perhaps the most prominent of them:

Bisero: Sad to leave Al-Ahly

Al-Ahly’s Portuguese coach, Jose Pecero, expressed his regret for leaving the Al-Ahm team, saying: “I am sad to leave Al-Ahly during this period, and he hoped to contribute to Al-Ahly championship and restore the African championship.”.

The former coach of Al-Ahly indicated that he felt sad to not continue with the Red Castle, and he wanted to stay and Al-Ahly is still in his heart because he is a big club and has many tournaments more than Barcelona and the decision to leave because he wished to continue two other seasons in light of his presence with senior players who love his way of training Going into matches, which appeared on the performance inside the green rectangle after the team improved performance, and played well under my leadership.


The Punjabi, Manuel Jose, the Al-Ahly Al-Ahly president, revealed that Jose said, “I had a special relationship with Al-Ahly club and fans, after the successes achieved with the club.” He added: “I agreed to reduce my salary with Al-Ahly, the third time because my relationship with the club is more important than money.“.

He concluded: “I made the mistake of leaving Egypt, in my three states, and it was necessary to continue to achieve many achievements with him.

Al-Hadari: I regret running away from Al-Ahly

Essam El-Hadary, Al-Ahly’s goalkeeper and the former Egypt goalkeeper, revealed that he made a mistake when he made the decision to leave Al-Ahly in 2008, confirming that he was the son of the club and left him only to escape the persecution of Portuguese coach Manuel Jose.

He regretted running away from Al-Ahly to join the Swiss Sion team in early 2008, and had to review himself.


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