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Resurrection Osman Episode 20 During the recent years, the Turkish drama entered the Arab countries in a large and large way, and found a good interaction from the Arab audience, so it completed the path and indeed it succeeded with great success, and the Turkish series started the public talk in the Arab countries, from the series that received a great interaction and many scenes of the series Artegral Resurrection, which was telling A certain era from the Ottoman Empire and the wars that were entering it, and after the end of the series, which is still talked about until the moment, everyone was surprised by another series that narrates the same idea, namely the series “The Resurrection of Othman”, which found great interaction as well, where many consider that the resurrection Eight is the part that completed the resurrection of Ertugrul and it has achieved great success.

Resurrection Osman episode 20

The episodes that he presented from the Resurrection Osman series, specifically the past 19 episodes, millions of people from different Arab countries came to them, and previous episodes of the series achieved more views and followers, so the audience is waiting for the new episode, which will be shown tonight at eight in the evening Cairo time, nine oclock, Mecca time, ten oclock Abu Dhabi time ITV Turkish channel, and it is also being returned on Yarmouk channel.

The Resurrection of Othman, the twentieth episode

After a long period of postponing the twentieth episode, which will be presented tonight, as a result of recent events, everyone is waiting for it with great passion as they did in previous episodes, which witnessed a fierce war by Uthman with the Mongols, and after his uncle against him was helping the Mongols hoping to revolt to his son who I think Uthman killed him, but Uthman worked to persuade his uncle that he was innocent from the blood of his son and that the Mongol leader was the one who killed his son, so Dindar, Uthman’s uncle, later decided to agree with his nephew and stood before the Tatars to avenge their son so that the war between Uthman and the Mongols would be completed and the episode witnessed strong events And new.

The frequency of the atv channel Resurrection Osman episode 20

The series “The Resurrection of Osman” is shown on the Turkish atv channel on Nilesat, which has been reported:
Satellite: Nilesat.
Frequency: 10796.
Correction coefficient: 5/6.
The frequency of the Turkish atv channel on AstraSat.
Frequency: 12692 horizontal.
Coding rate: 27500.
Correction coefficient: 5/6.

The twentieth episode of the Resurrection Osman series is now being shown on the Turkish ATV channel, and tomorrow it will be shown on the Algerian Al-Fajr channel.

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