468 new deaths in Britain .. and a new warning from the authorities


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

Today, Saturday, the British Ministry of Health said that a total of 34,466 people who tested positive for the emerging coronavirus have died in the United Kingdom, an increase of 468 people within twenty-four hours.

These figures were recorded as of 5 pm (1600 GMT) on May 15. The deaths in Britain exceeded 40,000, including deaths due to suspected cases.

Moreover, local officials discourage the public from visiting the popular tourist sites for the first weekend since the closure rules have been relaxed in England.

The county council network, which represents 36 rural and coastal authorities in England, says that travelers today from cities and towns can raise county infection rates and flood public parks and beaches.

“Our coastal and rural region will still be there when this is over,” said spokesman Julian German.

The British government eased the rules of closure on Wednesday to allow citizens in England to spend more time outdoors, and they can play golf, tennis, sunbathe and go fishing and hiking. Meeting another person is permitted, provided they are socially separated.

The rules for the rest of Britain – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – have not been relaxed.

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