5 Egyptian brothers fleeing to Sudan were arrested


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

The Brotherhood revealed that the Sudanese authorities arrested 5 of its members who had fled from Egypt and that there were negotiations to extradite them to the Egyptian authorities.

The group launched campaigns to pressure the Sudanese authorities, to prevent them from surrendering these elements, while the leaders of the group revealed their identity, as they were found to be among the elements affiliated with an armed movement founded by the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Kamal Al-Muqtoul in October 2016 during confrontations with Egyptian security, which was Responsible for the secret committees and armed organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The leaders of the group said that these five are: Fawzi Abu Al-Fath Al-Faki and his son Muhammad Fawzi Abu Al-Fateh, Taha Abdul Salam Al-Mujais, Saeed Abdul Aziz, Ahmed Hefni Abdel Hakim, and according to security and judicial information, these elements belong to the “Sawad Misr” movement that was Founded in 2016, it carried out a group of terrorist operations in Cairo and Alexandria, and was included by a court ruling on the lists of terrorism.

Amr Farouk, a researcher in the file of the Islamic groups and movements, told Al-Arabiya.net that the Egyptian Brotherhood elements arrested by the Sudanese authorities are estimated at about 70 people, while negotiations are underway to hand over 5 of them to the Egyptian authorities, adding that these are: Fawzi Abu Al-Fath Al-Fiqi, from the Kafr El-Zayyat Center in Gharbia Governorate, in the north of the country. He works as an auditor in the Azhariya region, at the age of 60, and his son Muhammad Fawzi Abu Al-Fath Al-Fiqi, and works as a sales representative, at the age of 25, and Taha Abdul Salam Al-Mujais, from Samanoud city, Gharbia Governorate, He owns a restaurant, is 48 years old, and is seeking Abdul-Aziz, from the governorate of Alexandria, and at the age of 55 years, and Ahmed Hanafi Abdul Hakim Mahmoud, from Oseem governorate of Giza, holds a Bachelor of agriculture, and at the age of 33 years.

The researcher said that there are other Brotherhood elements fleeing to Sudan and Egypt is awaiting their extradition, most notably Yasser Hassanein and Mohamed Al-Sharif, Youssef Harbi and Abdel-Hadi Shalabi, as well as Ahmed Abdel-Majid and Mustafa Tantawi, who were involved in the attempt to assassinate the former director of Alexandria security, Major General Mostafa El-Nimr.

The Brotherhood was shocked, yesterday, Thursday, after the Ukrainian authorities arrested another fellow Egyptian fugitive, and he was found guilty of being involved in violence and terrorism in Egypt.

Egyptian sources told Al-Arabiya.net that the Ukrainian authorities arrested the fleeing Brotherhood Moataz Mohamed Rabie, who participated in violent and terrorist operations in the Fayoum governorate, and fled to Ukraine, where he settled there with the help of Brotherhood leaders, and is currently studying at the Faculty of Dentistry and married a citizen. Ukrainian.

The sources said that the authorities submitted an official memo through the International Interpol, in which they formally requested his arrest and his extradition to Cairo, to implement the judicial rulings issued against him.

Egypt was received by 5 members of the Brotherhood fleeing to Malaysia who were involved in violence and riots and are condemned to violent cases.

Brotherhood leaders residing in Turkey revealed the identity of 4 of them: Abd al-Rahman Abd al-Aziz Ahmad Mustafa, Abdullah Muhammad Hisham Mustafa, Muhammad Abd al-Aziz Fathi Eid, and Azmi al-Sayyid Muhammad Ibrahim, stressing that their families and their families sought help from the Brotherhood leaders in Turkey, Qatar and Malaysia to stop their deportation to Egypt for fear Being imprisoned.

The Malaysian authorities arrested those among 20 other Brotherhood members for violating the rules and laws of residency in the country, but Brotherhood leaders residing in Turkey brokered to keep only 16 of them on the pretext that they belonged to the group, while they announced their disavowal from the other four claiming that they belonged to armed groups.

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