5 new cases of coronavirus appeared in Minya (details)


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The Ministry of Health in Menia announced the discovery of 5 new infections with the emerging coronavirus, distributed in 5 regions, Kafr El-Madawer Village in Maghagha Center, Shousha Village in Samalout Center, Adwa City, East of the station in Beni Mazar, and Rice Street in Minya City.

Dr. Osama Bulbul, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in the governorate, said that all preventive measures have been taken, starting with the transportation of the injured to Al-Hajar Hospitals, through the work of sterilization and disinfection in the affected areas, and the continuation of sterilization for medical and vital facilities ..

In a related context, the Menya Dentists Syndicate issued a statement about the infection of one of the men’s dentists and her husband with the Corona virus, we would like to point out that the doctor’s injury was through contact with one of the injured, in a family setting in one of the governorates of Minya, and her injury has nothing to do with the nature of her work as a dentist. It is authorized by virtue of the decision of the Council of Ministers on female workers with children under 12 years of age, and through the communication of the union with the doctor’s husband, it was found that he or the son was not infected with the virus, as they performed x-rays on the chest and analyzed the blood picture whose results were negative, and will be He took another eye for the doctor, no Minan it on Thursday, but it is now a hospital doctor quarantine Bmiloa, which is in good condition.

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