“5 years in the forbidden” … revealed the mystery of finding two bodies tied with love


02:30 PM

Monday 11 May 2020

Sohag – Ammar Abdel Wahed:

Today, Monday, the Sohag Investigations, under the supervision of Brigadier Abdul Hamid Abu Musa, Director of Administration, revealed the mystery of finding two bodies tied with ropes in the Nag Hammadi canal in the district of Shandawil Al-Balad village, Maragha Police Station department, north of the governorate.

The beginning was that the director of Sohag Security, Major General Hassan Mahmoud, received a notification from the Maragha police station that the families had found two bodies tied with ropes in the Nag’a Hammadi canal, the center’s center, and that no one from the area had identified them.

Investigations by Lt. Col. Ahmed Saqr, Chief of Investigations of the Sohag Police Center and Lt. Col. Muhammad Taha, Inspector of the Al-Maragha Center’s Inspectorate, revealed that the two bodies are a 37-year-old housewife and the Sohag Center department and her 9-year-old daughter are staying, and that behind the commission of the crime a worker resides in the same direction on Illegal relationship with the first victim.

Investigations concluded that the first victim died her husband about 5 years ago, and after that she established an illegal relationship with the accused, and that they used to practice vice in the Al-Kawamil area.

The defendant tried to end that relationship after he felt that it had become burdensome to him, according to his confessions, so he intended to get rid of the victim, to collapse and end that relationship, and agreed with her to practice vice in the area of ​​the ideals, and surprised her by covering her breath until she passed away, then disposed of her little girl daughter with the same The method that was with her and was having fun while killing her mother.

After his arrest, the accused confessed to committing the crime as indicated, and added that he bound every corpse with ropes, put them in a bag with a quantity of stones, put them in his car, and threw them in the Nag Hammadi canal in the Shindwil Village area of ​​the Al-Maragha police station.

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