6 million infected around the world .. and the virus wipes in Brazil


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The new virus continues its expansion path, according to the latest statistics, to 6 million infections. The number of cases of Covid-19 disease caused by corona has exceeded 6 million, according to WorldMeter. The number of injuries 6 million and 23 thousand and 154 cases.

While the death toll from the global epidemic reached 366,365 cases, while more than 2.6 million people were cured of the disease.

In the list published on the site, the United States ranked first in terms of the number of injuries, which exceeded 1.7 million, and came Brazil In second place (more than 466 thousand injuries) and then Russia and Spain.

The Agence France-Presse indicated earlier that the numbers officially recorded amounted to more than 5,862,890 injuries in 196 countries and regions since the outbreak began, with at least 2,420,600 people recovering.

However, these figures only reflect a part of the actual number of injuries, as many countries conduct examinations only for the most serious cases, while other countries give priority to conducting tests to track contacts of the injured, and a number of poor countries have limited examination capabilities.

The United States, which recorded its first death in Covid-19 in early February, is the country worst affected in terms of deaths and injuries, with 102,201 deaths out of 1,731,035 injuries, and at least 399,991 people have recovered.

About 27 thousand injuries in one day

While Brazil became the fifth among the countries that recorded the highest mortality rates due to the new Corona virus, with a total of 27,878 deaths, according to the Ministry of Health reported on Friday evening, ahead of Spain.

1,124 people died of coronavirus within 24 hours in Brazil, which also saw a record number of infections of 26,928 within one day, taking the total since the start of the epidemic to 465,166 infections.

The four countries most affected by the virus around the world are the United States, Britain, Italy and France.

From Brazil (AFP)
From Brazil (AFP)

In terms of deaths, Brazil may soon exceed France, which has recorded 28,714 deaths.

In terms of the number of confirmed infections, Brazil comes after the United States, which recorded more than 1.7 million injuries.

But scientists believe that the Brazilian official figures may be 15 times less than the reality, because the authorities do not conduct tests on a large scale.

This comes at a time when scientists are still struggling to come up with a officially approved and effective vaccine or treatment to eliminate the coronavirus. Some 100 vaccines are being tested by several companies and institutions around the world, while clinical tests have started on 10 vaccines, some of which have reached advanced stages.

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