6 risks and side effects of eating lemon fruit


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Lemon is a popular fruit that people use in small quantities to add flavor to food, however, it is consumed by fire on its own due to its severe and sour taste.

Lemon contains Vitamin C” It is important for health, as it helps reduce the risk of stroke, reduce blood pressure and maintain healthy skin, as well as prevent asthma, as well as it helps increase iron absorption. And its deficiency can lead to health problems.

But while it is generally believed to be safe, excessive consumption can cause problem health damage, he said report EMediHealth Medical website.

Dangers of eating lemon

Lemons contain a high content of acid, so its juice may affect people who suffer from Mouth ulcers It can cause a tingling sensation.

Likewise, eating lemon can worsen Symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

It could Tooth enamel erodes If it is frequently exposed to acidic foods, such as lemon, and excessive intake of vitamin C can lead to Nausea and stomach pain, Worsening of stomach ulcers.

When consumed excessively, the lemon and its juice may lead to excessive urination, which in turn may It causes dehydration. Also, the amino acid tyramine present in the lemon may cause it Migraines.

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