60 minutes .. The head of the Holy Quran Radio reveals the details of the first prayer broadcast


05:21 PM

Saturday 02 May 2020

Books – Mahmoud Mostafa:

Dr. Hassan Madani, head of the Holy Quran Radio, revealed the scenes of transmitting evening prayer and Tarawih prayers from the Amr Ibn Al-Aas mosque, starting from tomorrow until the end of Ramadan, on the air via the Holy Quran Radio.

“Madani” said, in a statement to Masrawy, that Dr. Ahmed Nana`i, the reader of Radio Qur’an, was the one who was chosen to be the first imam to pray Tarawih and evening prayers tomorrow, and the rest of the days will be set in succession, indicating that the broadcast will be via Radio Qur’an only, and it will be Taraaweeh prayer is 8 rak’ahs, in addition to 3 grace.

He pointed out that broadcasting will start on the Holy Qur’an broadcast immediately from evening prayer, until after the end of Tarawih prayer, noting that it is scheduled that the dinner and Tarawih prayers will take from 45 to 60 minutes.

The Ministry of Awqaf, in cooperation with the National Media Authority represented in the radio sector specifically (Radio Qur’an) and the Ministry of Communications represented in Telecom Egypt, decided to broadcast daily dinner and Tarawih prayers from the Mosque of our master Amr Ibn Al-Aas in Old Cairo, Cairo, in the presence of the imam of the mosque and only two of the workers.

She indicated in a statement that the Holy Quran Radio daily chooses one of the radio-approved readers for Tarawih prayers in the mosque, where evening prayer and Tarawih prayers are transmitted directly daily through the Holy Quran Radio, with a commitment not to open the mosque in front of the worshipers, and not to operate any external headphones to prevent any gathering outside The mosque or its external arenas, and limiting itself to operating one internal speaker according to the extent of achieving the radio transmission only, with our emphasis on limiting the matter to this mosque only, and the commitment of all mosques at the level of the republic to fully suspend the crowd and groups until God Almighty authorizes the elimination of the closure bug.

The Egyptian Ministry of Endowments thanked the National Authority for Information and Radio of the Holy Qur’an, and the Ministry of Communications and Egyptian Communications for operating the necessary telephone lines to transmit the rituals of evening prayers and Tarawih prayers from the Mosque of our master Amr bin Al-Aas for free throughout the holy month, as a contribution to the joy and happiness of those looking for this spiritual broadcast through radio The Holy Quran on the nights of this holy month, especially in the last ten days of it.

We ask God Almighty to hasten to remove the scourge from the country and the people from our dear Egypt and the rest of the worlds, and for all life to return to normal and see the homes of God Almighty full of kneelers, prostitutes and memories, that everything is capable and the answer is worthy.

The Waqfs apologized to the Ministry’s media and all media for not receiving anyone at the mosque at all except for the very limited working group charged with officially transmitting the event from the Holy Quran Radio, which was authorized to enter the narrowest range to perform the transportation task, as all the doors of the mosque are closed and no external headphones are turned on For the safety of all.

She pointed out that this comes the approach of the last ten days of Ramadan and in light of the Egyptian Ministry of Endowments ’keenness to spread some spiritual atmosphere related to the Holy Month, and after the Ministry has confirmed the discipline of affairs and the commitment of all its imams and workers to the controls of closing mosques, the success of the controls of operating the Qur’an and the dawn Qur’an, The directorates and departments are subject to the controls decided by the Ministry, and all respected citizens understand these controls that are taken by the Ministry based on what is required by the legitimate, national, and medical interest together.

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