7 degrees drop .. the date of the heat wave break and the details of Eid Al Fitr weather


The Meteorological Authority has announced the expected weather condition from tomorrow, Friday, May 22 to next Friday, May 29, as the country is expected to experience a marked and gradual decrease in temperature, to prevail a mild weather in the north of the country to the north of Upper Egypt South of Upper Egypt, it is cold during the night, most of the time.

On Sunday, corresponding to May 24, medium-heavy rains are expected to fall on separate areas of the northern coasts and Lower Egypt, as the winds revitalize most of the areas and they create sand and dust on South Sinai and the south of the country at separate times, and lead to disturbance of maritime traffic on the Gulf Suez, Red and Mediterranean Bahrain.

And from Greater Cairo, it is expected that Greater Cairo will experience a noticeable and gradual decrease in temperature, to moderate weather during the cold day at night, and rain is expected on Sunday, with moderate intensity on separate areas accompanied by wind activity that is exciting to sand and dust on open areas. At separate times.

It is expected that temperatures during this period on Cairo will range from 36 to 29 for the greatest and 19 to 18 for the lowest, and the Lower Egypt between 35 to 29 for the greatest and 19 to 17 for the lowest, and on the northern coasts 28 to 24 for the greatest and the lowest 19 to 18, and on the South Sinai is 37 to 34 for the major and the smallest 25 to 23 for the smallest, and on the north of Upper Egypt 37 to 30 for the great and the smallest 22 to 20, and on the south of Upper Egypt 41 to 35 for the great and the lowest 30 to 25 for the smallest.

The Meteorological Agency calls on all concerned to take all necessary measures to reduce the negative effects caused by bad weather conditions.

The past days witnessed a heat wave in the country, and temperatures reached: Great Lesser

Cairo 43 24

Alexandria 31 23

Natrun valley 41 24

Tanta 41 23

Shibin Al-Kom 41 23

Damanhour 38 24

Baltim 34 24

Matruh 26 21

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