A big fire in a clothes exhibition in Mit Ghamr .. Video


A great fire broke out
A little while ago A clothes exhibition at Mit Ghamr Youth Center In front of Army Street next to the city council is dead
Immersion, the fire engulfed all the contents of the exhibition were driven by cars
Amortization And ambulance to
Place the fire and edit the report of the incident
And notified The competent authorities for investigation.

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Dakahlia Governor: No loss of life, in the fire of the Mit Ghamr clothing exhibition

Major General received
Fadel Ammar Dakahlia Security Director Notice of a major fire inside a youth clothing store
Mit Ghamr Before the Moroccan Iftar, a large number of fire engines were pushed to control
The fire before spreading to the rest of the neighboring properties.

Mit Ghamr police station officers moved to the scene and took place
Assign a criminal laboratory to examine the fire and see if there is a criminal suspicion or not.

For his part, Dr. Ayman Mokhtar, the governor of Dakahlia, continued the repercussions of a clothing exhibition fire at the Mitt Ghamr Youth Center, as soon as he learned of the fire, confirming that no loss of life occurred.

The governor of Dakahlia directed the head of the Mit Ghamr Center and City to immediately move to the fire site and take all necessary measures to extinguish and protect citizens and property in coordination with the civil protection forces and the concerned agencies.

The governor of Dakahlia said that immediately the Civil Defense Forces went to the accident site to put out the fire with 12 fire engines and 3 ambulances, and the fire was extinguished without any casualties, while the contents of the exhibition caught fire.

The governor of Dakahlia confirmed the provision of the necessary support and to ensure the end of the fire and the safety of citizens, whether from shop owners or residents.

The governor of Dakahlia praised the role of the civil protection forces and their professional treatment in controlling the fire and extinguishing it in a record time without causing loss of life.

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