A cry of anger from Tunisia in the face of Ghannouchi: Our starvation is gone


Source: Arabic.Net – Monia Ghanmi

A Tunisian woman poured out her anger at the Speaker of Parliament and the leader of the Ennahda Movement, Rashid Ghannouchi, and held him and his party responsible for the economic deterioration and social congestion in the country, in an indication of the growing popular discontent towards Ghannouchi and his party.

And local media published a video, taken yesterday, Wednesday, during a protest by workers in the tourism sector in the state of Sousse to demand financial compensation after their activities were stopped due to the crisis of “Kurna”. Responsibility for terrorism entering the country, describing it as a “serial killer, terrorist and merchant of religion.”


In addition, the woman, dissatisfied with the presence of the Ennahda movement in government, criticized the policy of appointments and incursions practiced by Al-Nahda and her attempt to use the administration to serve her party interests and those of her leaders and associates, at the expense of the people’s interest.

She said, “Leave, leave the country, we no longer want your presence, and we no longer need you. It is enough for the tragedies you caused us after you starved us and impoverished us.”

It is mentioned that during the past weeks, Ghannouchi has become besieged by criticism and crises, which have reached the point of questioning his financial file, after calls for scrutiny of his outrageous richness, and his accusation of serving the agendas of foreign countries at the expense of the country’s interest, after his interference in the Libyan file in favor of the government of reconciliation and Turkey.

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