A disappointing study … Summer will not protect you from Corona


A disappointing study ... Summer will not protect you from Corona

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Researchers at Princeton University, America, concluded in a study published in the scientific journal Science that the summer will not alone be able to save the northern hemisphere from the Covid-19 epidemic.

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“We see that warmer and humid climates will not slow down the virus in the early stages of the pandemic,” said lead author, Reichtel Baker, a Princeton researcher in a statement released by the university.

Statistical studies conducted in recent months have linked, and are only slightly, to, climate and epidemic. The higher the temperature, the lower the spread of the virus.

However, these results are still preliminary, and the basis of the biological link between the faculties and the corona virus causing Covid-19 disease has not yet been revealed.

The simulations published by Science magazine do not exclude this link entirely, but consider it to be of no great importance at the present time.

The climate, and especially humidity, plays a role in the spread of other coronaviruses and influenza, but this factor is expected to be limited compared to another factor that is much more important to him than the current epidemic, which is the very weak collective immunity to the Corona virus.

The researchers concluded that “the results indicate that the tropical and temperate regions must prepare for the spread of the epidemic widely, and that the summer heat will not contain the spread of infections.”

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