A fatal mistake in a Ramadan series that raises the ridicule of the public .. and TV


02:52 PM

Monday 04 May 2020

I wrote – Mona Al-Muji:

The pioneers of social media circulated, a video clip of a scene in a Kuwaiti series that is shown in the ongoing Ramadan race, bearing the name of Muhammad Ali Rudd, which included a fatal error.

One of the heroines of the work appears in the scene, and she calls God in tears “O Munji Yusuf from the belly of the whale”, while what is meant is our master Yunus, peace be upon him. Shoot the scene, then during the montage stage.

Kuwait TV, on its official page on Twitter, issued an official statement apologizing for the unintended error, which was mentioned in one of the episodes of the series Muhammad Ali Rudd.

“Muhammad Ali Rudd” written by Muhammad Anwar Muhammad, directed by Manaf Abdul, starring Saad Al Faraj, Muhammad Al Mansour, Haifa Adel.

CaptureMuhammad Ali Rudd


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