A huge fire in a ready-made clothes exhibition inside a youth center in Bete Ghamr (photos)


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A huge fire broke out in a ready-made clothes exhibition, inside the Meet Ghamr youth center, Dakahlia governorate today, which caused great material losses, despite a cabinet decision to close all youth centers and cancel all activities in them.

Major General Fadil Ammar, Director of Dakahlia Security, received a notification from Major General Sayed Sultan, Director of the Directorate’s Investigations, that a notification was sent to the Mayor of the Mit Ghamr Department of a massive fire inside a garment exhibition in the Mit Ghamr Youth Center, in violation of the decisions to close the center.

The warden of the Mit Ghamr Department, the Civil Protection Forces, and 12 fire engines, managed to control the fire and prevent its transmission to all the facilities of the youth center.

Witnesses confirmed that the fire moved to all the tears of the exhibition, and the quality of the goods caused the fire to spread and caused great material losses without loss of life.

A report of the incident was issued and forwarded to the Public Prosecution for investigation, which commissioned forensic evidence to explain the causes of the fire, and assigned the detective to inquire about the incident and its causes, and to limit the damages and losses.

Fire showroom immersion
Fire showroom immersion
Fire showroom immersion

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