A lawyer was imprisoned for 4 days for infringing an officer after he broke a curfew in Mansoura


The Public Prosecution Office ordered the detention of a lawyer in Mansoura, 4 days, as a result of investigations, for assaulting a public official – an officer – and resisting him by force and violence during the performance of his job and because of its performance, and the victim and wounding resulted in injuries to the victim, and in violation of the Prime Minister’s decision to prohibit movement and movement On all roads during the prescribed period.

And the Public Prosecution statement issued today, Tuesday, stated that the victim’s officer was appointed at the head of a security fence in front of Al-Ward Island Sports Club on the lower pedestrian street in Mansoura’s First Division department to enforce the decision to prohibit the aforementioned transfer, and at that time, one of the officers stopped the attachment force driving the accused – Hyundai Dark Asking him for driving and driving licenses, when the defendant presented it to him, the officer confiscated it for violating the decision to prohibit the transfer, so the defendant got out of his car to the victim officer asking for the return of the licenses, and when he did not pay attention to him, the defendant undertook to photograph those responsible for the security attachment So, when the victim asked him about the reason for this, the accused of the independence of his car rushed to escape while the victim was attached to it, and the car hit him with another parked at the side of the road, causing injuries to his face, head, aft and left thigh, and he was transferred to Al-Sallab Hospital in Mansoura to help him, and on inquiry the suspect was engaged in the lawyer.”The Public Prosecutor listened to the testimony of the victim and three members of the security forces, including the officer who stopped the accused’s car, and interrogated the latter, denying what was attributed to him, which was due to the attempt by the victim – after the confiscation of his licenses – to pull him from his clothes and threaten him to fire his bullets and assault him with insults. So he escaped for fear of him if the victim clung to his car, so the latter fell to the ground as he moved the car and his injury occurred, accusing the victim of his transgression.

The Public Prosecution examined the location of the incident and the car driving the accused, and saw a video clip of the incident taken from the unloading of one of the surveillance cameras overlooking the scene of the accident, in which a dark colored car passed by at high speed and the victim fell on the ground next to it after colliding with a parked one next to the road, where the Public Prosecution faced the accused This video was presented to the victim, and they confirmed that they appeared in it.

The investigations of the Criminal Investigation Department confirmed the authenticity of the incident as witnessed by the victim and witnesses, denying the latter’s assault on the accused by beating or saying, and the case is still under investigation, according to the statement.

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