A meeting between the Zamalek administration and the experts of the Century Club file this week


Mortada Mansour, president of the Zamalek Club and members of the Century Club title committee, agreed with the statutory experts Mohamed Fadlallah and Mohamed Bayoumi to hold a meeting this week, to discuss the latest developments in the club’s title file and the issue that will be presented in the International Sports Court, where the meeting will include a review of the African Union regulations And the points that Zamalek relies on in the case, as well as a study of similar cases, to know the full position of Zamalek in the case before its formal presentation, especially as there is written approval from Zamalek Club on the regulation of choosing the Century Club at the time of its issuance in 94.

On the other hand, a source was revealed inside a club Zamalek On reaching an agreement with the French coach, Carteron, the coach of the first football team, to cancel the contract between them in the event that Zamalek did not win the League Championship next season and the African Champions League, or at least one of them, without paying Zamalek any penal terms, according to the terms of the new contract between Zamalek Carteron, who will be signed in the coming days after the duo Ahmed Mortada Mansour, member of the Zamalek Board of Directors, and Amir Mortada, the ball supervisor, reached an agreement with Carteron to renew the contract for a season after the end of his contract that ends at the end of the current season.

For his part, Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, confirmed that Ahmed Mortada and Amir Mortada held a session with Cartier, the technical manager, during which it was agreed to renew the contract of the French coach with Zamalek and within a week will be formally completed this file, and the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club was headed by Counselor Mortada Mansour put a number of large signs on the walls of the club bearing the phrase “Zamalek Club, the real century club, with championships and achievements, not patronage and courtesy.”


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