A Moroccan scientist successfully leads an unprecedented mission for “NASA”. Know the details


The Moroccan scientist Kamal Al-Oudghiri successfully led an unprecedented mission of the American Space Agency (NASA), opening new horizons for studying quantum phenomena in space, where a report revealed that Al-Ludgiri headed a distinguished multidisciplinary team comprising three Nobel Prize winners and two astronauts.

The new achievement that allows studying the smallest atoms in the coldest possible environment is an important building block in basic physics and thus paves the way for scientific research in various important fields, such as the nature of quantum gravity, dark matter and dark energy, and gravitational waves, as well as more practical applications, such as movement in vehicles Space exploration and underground minerals on other planets, according to Sky News.

In recognition of the work led by the Moroccan world, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronaut will award the Space Science Award for the year 2020 to the team “Cold Corn Lab” in a conference to be held next November, and the team won this coronation thanks to the “leadership it has shown in innovative scientific research related to space scientific missions , Where he worked on developing and delivering the innovative laboratory for the cold atoms of the International Space Station, as well as his pioneering scientific achievements.

“During this qualification process, we replaced the main nucleus of the atom lab … It is a very difficult task that requires a specialized team in the field and two committed astronauts,” said Kamal Al-Dughary, whose career path extends to NASA for two decades. High and intended to operate in the coldest environment in the universe, to be more efficient by installing a new powerful atomic interference scale.

This mission was crowned with success in the health emergency due to the Corona virus pandemic, where most members of the scientific team worked remotely, and all operations were done by default, and Al-Daghiri had previously played a major role in many space missions, especially those related to the exploratory equipment of Mars and the international mission “Cassini” which targeted Saturn.


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