A series of 100 series, Episode 21 .. Omar and Sukkar gang succeeded in the fourth erection


The events of episode 21 of the series “Bb100osh” started with the collection of sugar “Nelly Karim” and Omar “Aser Yassin” members of the gang to implement a new monument, by opening a marriage office to hunt victims from abroad who live in the Gulf countries and “Hamada” Islam Ibrahim Fard started The gang created a page on Facebook called “The House of the Family” and spoke on the name of “Umm Moaz”, and the page has already started receiving many messages for it.

In the second scene, “Yasser Al Tobji” falls victim to the monument process with more than one individual, after the gang delays the person who proposes to marry that his fiancee drunk and pushes the dowry and the net, and after he travels abroad, he discovers that it is a monument.

The series “With 100 Wishes” is shown daily on Al-Hayat channel at exactly 7:45 pm, and it is starring Nelly Karim, Aser Yassin, Mustafa Darwish, Ola Roshdy, Islam Ibrahim, Hanan Youssef, Zainab Gharib, Dunia Maher and a number of other artists, composed by Amr Al-Dali and Ahmed Wael, directed by Kamel Abu Zekry.

Nelly Karim embodies a comic character called “Sugar” that works in a women’s salon, but she loves the monument, so she seeks to perform monuments, enabling her to earn money, making her able to purchase her own “hairdressers” and to follow up on the events, the series “100 Wsh” postponed its presentation from the year The past, as it was supposed to be shown during the last Ramadan, but the lack of time prevented him from photographing on time, and the producing company postponed his photographing and display until Ramadan 2020.


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