A Spanish town with white beaches and experts warns of deadly wildlife consequences


Government officials in a small coastal town in Spain sprayed a local beach with a diluted bleach solution in the hope of protecting residents from COVID-19, but experts say it will have deadly consequences for local wildlife, as the decision was made by Agustin Cuengo, the local official in Zahara de Los Atones, in the southern province of Cadiz, whose residents will begin to emerge six weeks after the Corona virus is closed within the following month.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the decision was criticized by environmental groups, saying that it would kill invertebrates, affect the breeding season for seabirds, and also affect hunting.

Koenjo said, the decision to spray the ovary was made to protect minors and children who would return to the beach, but later, he admitted that the decision was a bad move, commenting to the BBC, “I admit it was a mistake, and it was done in good faith.”

The spray was performed using a number of tractors and vans equipped with long fumes that released the diluted bleach solution across the beach and the adjacent dunes.

Maria Dolores Iglesias, who heads a group of environmental volunteers in the Cadiz region, says she has seen these trucks spin over at least one nest full of the many migratory birds that use the dunes for mating.

“They destroyed the dunes and violated all the bases,” said the environmentalist. “It was a deviation from what they did, bearing in mind also that the virus lives in people who are not on the beach … it’s madness.”

Experts warned that the move would not disrupt the mating season for domestic birds, and would also disrupt the invertebrate ecosystem that helps support the local fishing ecosystem as the ovary penetrates into the sea.

“This is not one of Trump’s ideas,” the group posted on Twitter in shock. “It is happening in Zahara de los Atunes.”

Regional officials have also criticized the spraying decision and say they are considering fining the city of the move, but no final decisions have been made, as it will have a real devastating effect on the beach landscape, killing even insects.


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