A special kind of fulfillment .. The hero of choice visits the grave of the martyr Ali El-Sayed .. Pictures


The artist Tamer Magdy visited the grave of the martyr Ali Ali El-Sayed, who embodied his role in the series “The Choice” in his hometown in the estate of Degheidy Blisa Al-Gamalia, affiliated to the Aesthetic Center in Dakahlia.The artist recited Al-Fatiha on the soul of the martyr of duty and kissed the grave, praying to God to bless him and all the martyrs of Egypt, the highest paradise.

A number of the family and relatives of the martyr who sacrificed his blood and soul for Egypt went with him and recorded his name with his colleagues with lines of gold.

It is noteworthy that the role of the martyr appeared in the last episodes of the series, so that everyone remembers his heroics, who have not and will not be forgotten by everyone who knew his courage, as he was martyred after the terrorist attack that targeted the Al-Perth ambush in the south of Rafah in North Sinai in July 2017.

And his heroism was written in letters of gold, as he was with his breath while he breathed, as he was hit by more than 50 bullets in the back in order to protect his colleagues from bullets. The martyr was a lover of Egypt and its soil and wished to testify and obtain it.

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