A young actor committed suicide after his wife was shot


Global news reports revealed suicide Young American actor Hagen Mills – 29, after trying to kill the mother of his young daughter, and shot her several gunshots before the police went to the scene.

Hagen Mills uttered his last breath, Mayfield, Kentucky, two days ago, in an incident that shook the quiet city, after he fired several shots at the mother of his daughter (Erica Price)She was concentrated in the arm and chest, according to the Mayfield police for American newspapers.

The Chicago Sun Times revealed that Hagen had detained his four-year-old daughter, until her mother Erica Price came to the house, and Hagen shot Erica several times.

The police went to the crime scene, to meet them.Erica, “outside, who had gunshot wounds to her arm and chest,” Hagen “shot himself at the scene.

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