Abdel Fattah Lamsraoui: Awwad should leave Zamalek … my tip and dear


01:34 am

Wednesday 20 May 2020

I wrote Jihad Urabi:

Zaki Abdel Fattah, the Los Angeles goalkeeper coach, sees that no one can sit with Mohamed Abu Gabal, the Zamalek goalkeeper, in light of the levels he has appeared during the last period.

Abdel-Fattah said in statements to Masrawy: “Awad pays his mistake by joining Zamalek like Ahmed Al-Shenawi because of the money and he has to leave even if he will lose materially but he must participate and play as well as Zamalek must leave him so that he cannot bear his salary and he does not participate.”

The Los Angeles American goalkeeper coach pointed out that Al-Ahly does not suffer from a crisis in guarding the goal, saying: “Mohamed El-Shinnawy performs good levels, and Ali Lotfi is a distinguished guard and Mustafa Schubert. I did not see him but I hear that he has good capabilities and I do not think that Al-Ahly will repeat the problem of Zamalek when He contracted with Abu Jabal, Subhi and Awwad, and had a grasshopper, and there are now 4 guards who want to participate.

In his speech, the Egyptian coach mentioned the step of Sharif Ekrami, who announced by his intention to leave Al-Ahly; Where he indicated that the management of Al-Ahly club had to maintain it, saying: “Sharif Akrami and Hossam Ghaly have administrative capabilities that qualify them to be heads of the Al-Ahly Club in the future.”

Zaki Abdel-Fattah concluded his speech by saying: “Hossam Ashour has to retire in Al-Ahly, he will not win tournaments as he did with Al-Ahly, and it is sufficient for him that he will have started his career and ended it in Al-Ahly.”


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