Abeer Sabri “Al-Bous in Films is Forbidden” .. The public shares a bold kiss! | Art News Jordan news increased


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The Egyptian actress “Abeer Sabry” was a guest on the “Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Dari” program, presented by Egyptian media “Enas Al-Deghaidy”.

During the episode, Enas asked a question for Abeer, against the backdrop of an old statement by her, “Al-Bous in films for Saa Haram?”
To respond to “Ah Haram” ..

Enas was surprised by Abeer’s answer because of the presence of pre-bold scenes for her with many artists, but Abeer interpreted the topic with “The director was wanting that and I could not be satisfied with this.”

Inas also made clear that she would not play any bold role even if millions were paid to her because her husband did not want her to do so, as she confirmed that he was very jealous of her, and she was receptive to the matter, adding, “If he was the actor, sure, he would be jealous of him.”

On the other hand, the audience was not convinced by Abeer’s comment and re-shared the image of one of the bold kisses she collected with her fellow actor “Fathi Abdel Wahab” from the movie “The Birds of the Nile”.


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