Absolute heroism and fragile technical history … Who deserves the title of Superstar?


The transition from the secondary roles to the roles of the championship is a natural phenomenon, as the actors who achieve masses in one of the works become a target for the production companies, and they prefer to move to the areas of the larger roles, and their names are preceded as “the star.”

But the result is not always satisfactory, because the roles of the championship are not appropriate for everyone, and the artist does not fault at all that he is a secondary actor who plays a good role, because this is better than the role with a weak role. But reviewing the series this year, we find among the artists who moved to the championship seat: Dina El-Sherbiny, Yasmine Sabry, Reham Hajjaj, Ali Rabie and Mustafa Khater, they may have succeeded in monopolizing the roles of the absolute championship, but were they really more worthy of it?

Move to the championship seat

“The Game of Oblivion” is Dina El Sherbiny’s third series as the first heroine. The audience got to know Dina through several works, which caught the eye in its role in the series “Citizen X” in 2011, and then continued to play many roles, before it achieved great success through its role in “Grand Hotel” in 2016, which is one of the most successful series That year. The role drew attention to it, as it presented the character of the evil, communicative character, Dina Al-Sherbini did not live long until she moved to the starring roles through the series “Malika” in 2018, which went unnoticed, before she presented last year “the costume of the sun”, which won a good mass Before his last episodes and frustrating end came to make many viewers hate the series, especially with the revelation of having a second part for him.

This year, some viewers were waiting for the second part of “The Costume of the Sun”, but Dina El-Sherbiny presented a new work, “The Game of Oblivion,” which many complained of slow and illogical events, to meet a fate similar to “The Costume of the Sun” with fewer fans.

A “second chance” is worse than the first

Yasmine Sabry’s artistic history started a few years after Dina El-Sherbiny, as she was performing scenes in the “Steps of the Devil” program in 2013, and she participated in the following year in a small role in the series “Jabal Al-Halal” starring the late star Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, but the audience’s true knowledge of it She came through her role in the series “My Way” in 2015, in which she played the role of Nadia, the heroine friend, in which she performed well, not only based on her beautiful features.

The following year she played a minor role in “The Black Horse” starring Ahmed Al-Saqqa, but the series did not gain his success, and she stopped for two years to appear in the series, before returning last year with her first championship through “My Story”.

The series received many negative criticisms, whether for the performance of the actors, headed by Yasmine and Ahmed Salah Hosni, or for the story of the series itself, but the matter did not prevent it from repeating the championship experience again in the current world through a “second chance”, which came weaker than the series of last year, but rather He became a great material for scarce social networking pioneers due to the great weakness in his love and performance of the actors, and the presence of many errors noted by many viewers.

Success with the help of others

Unlike Dina El-Sherbiny, who achieved remarkable success in her supporting roles, Reham Hajjaj, who provided many secondary roles in various works, did not succeed in leaving her own mark, despite her success in several comic roles, this was not paid to the stars or Actresses that the viewer remembers long after work is over.

Reham’s last television role was the second part of the series “Red Sulfur”, and he was absent for nearly two years after appearing as a heroine through the series “Carmen”, which had little success. Despite the success of the “When We Was Young” series last Ramadan, it was not one of the series that topped the viewing map or was a field of conversation on social media, even if the talk about the work as a whole and not specifically about Reham Hajjaj, and that justifies the lead of Khaled Al Nabawi and Mahmoud Hamida in The roles of the championship, so the championship was not suitable for the size of Reham Hajjaj’s talent and technical capabilities.

The legacy of “Egypt Theater”

“Masr Masr” directed several actors who moved quickly to the championship seats, most notably Ali Rabie, who started his career in the championship since the “Sad Response” series in 2016, accompanied by a group from the “Masr Masr” team. None of his series achieved much success, and despite this he repeated the experience through the series “Omar and Diab”, in cooperation with his colleague Mustafa Khater, who presented two works of his heroism, namely, “Ruby Roumi” and “Shot Luck”, and the first was an acceptable success.

“Omar and Diab” joined the list of comedies that did not achieve any success in the current year, such as “Men of the House”, and it became worthwhile for his heroes to reconsider their offerings.

Ali Rabei participated in the series “Lahfa” with Donia Samir Ghanem, where he appeared in the role of her brother and had many comic scenes that the viewer mentioned, especially those in which he appeared with Samir Ghanem, while Mustafa Khater Donia also participated in its series “Nelly and Sherihan” And, of course, he was one of the highlights of the comedy at work. So far, Rabi ‘or Khater’s starring roles may not have achieved half of the success they achieved in their secondary roles, but there does not seem to be a going back.

No turning back

The crisis in the transition of some actors to the championship is the lack of smoothness in them to return again to participate in the auxiliary or secondary roles. Few are successful in moving between the two types of roles, as some actors consider that the secondary roles are just a stage, despite the fact that many foreign artists Adults move between secondary and primary roles during one year.

If we look at the previous roles, specifically Dina El-Sherbiny and Yasmine Sabry, we will find that they achieved their popularity from the secondary roles, while the championship work that you presented will not remain in the viewer’s memory, and despite this, they insist on the championship. Perhaps it is not too late to back down, as the repeated lack of success will surely compel them eventually to return to the auxiliary roles.


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