Afroto: Corona is behind a professional failure in Uzbekistan


Mustafa Mahmoud “Afroto”, a former player of Al Ahly, confirmed that he was on the cusp of professionalism in the Uzbekistan league during the last period, but the crisis of the new Corona Virus caused the failure of transmission and stopped sports activity in the world.

He explained Afroto During his televised remarks on OnTime Sport 2, saying, “I was on the threshold of moving to an Uzbek team playing in the AFC Champions League and I was in a period of living and everything was going well, and I was expected to join them last April, but because of Corona, everything stopped now. I am a free player“.

Afroto indicated about the reasons for his departure from Al-Ahly during the period of Manuel Jose after the latter decided to dispense with him alongside a group of young players as well, Afroto said: “I was very sad to leave Al-Ahly, I was walking well and my dream was growing in front of me and suddenly I left without reasons and the house is with us It was as if he was dead and not just that I had left Al-Ahly“.

Afrouto commented on the move to Zamalek, saying, “During the period of Hossam Hassan’s training in Zamalek, the club spoke to me in order to join the team and I refused because I am a man who loves and loves Al-Ahly and is loyal to Al-Ahly and it is certainly a great honor to play with Zamalek, but it was very difficult for me and therefore I refused.” .


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