After 4 months … the forensic report reveals details about the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter


The Los Angeles American Forensic Office released a report about the death of the American basketball star copy print, And his daughter Gianna, nearly 4 months after the crash of their helicopter,.

The forensic report revealed the causes of the death of Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter, as well as 7 other people on board, according to Sputnik.

The report stated that the pilot of the plane, Ara Zubian, 50, had no drug or alcohol effects on his body at the time of the accident..

The forensic report stated that “all the passengers died as a result of severe trauma, while the method of death was accidental.”

The report added that Bryant’s injuries were immediate and deadly, and that the result of the forensic report came after a spokesman for the plane’s pilot, Ara Zobian, and the Kobe Bryant family during the last period, blamed the other for the accident.

In another context, Vanessa Bryant, the late widow of Kobe Bryant, the late American basketball legend, condemned the boycott office’s publication of photos from the plane’s accident site that claimed the life of her husband and daughter Gianna, and held him responsible for publishing the pictures without permission from the family, and filed a lawsuit against him.

And the website, Sputnik, quoted in the British Daily Mail newspaper, that Vanessa, widow of the late player, filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Office, after he published pictures of her husband’s remains after the plane accident that claimed his life and his daughter.

Sputnik revealed that Bryant’s widow, who demanded compensation from 8 policemen, “took pictures showing the remains of the bodies and then shared them with other people, which caused her and her family great psychological damage.”

In early May, Vanessa Bryant celebrated the birthday of her daughter Gianna Bryant, who deported her father and former American basketball star Kobe Bryant early this year in a helicopter crash on their way to Mamba Basketball Training Academy, accompanied by other people, and the birthday of the little girl May 1 as she was 14 years old.


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