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The World Health Organization stressed that “Corona pandemic It is still standing and it’s not over. “Dr. Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO’s Health Emergency Program, stressed that the virus is” natural in origin “.

Ryan made the remarks today, Friday, in response to comments by US President Donald Trump, who said he was See information It states that the virus may have been He graduated from the Institute of Virology Science in China.

He said that the WHO teams heard “over and over” the many scientists who looked at the genetic sequence and the virus, “and we are confident that this virus is of natural origin.”

He also added that it is important to identify the natural host of the virus, which can help pave the way to a better understanding of it and ways to prevent and respond to disease outbreaks in the future.

China - France Press
China – France Press

Trump had indicated, on Thursday, that he was confident that the Chinese Wuhan Institute of Virology was the origin of the emerging virus, before he again criticized the WHO’s early response to the outbreak.

Most scientists believe that the virus appeared on a market in the Chinese city, linked to an animal that has not yet been identified.

A vaccine against Covid 19

For his part, the director of the organization, Tedros Adhanum Gebresos, said during a press conference on Friday that “the influence of Corona was uneven among countries.”

He added: “Until now, we do not have a cure or vaccine for the virus,” pointing out: “We will hold a meeting next week to fund research to produce a vaccine for Corona.”

He pointed out, “We are working with the European Union to finance the fight against the pandemic.”

To this recommended the amendment of travel procedures to deliver food and medicine.

It is noteworthy that the emerging virus has killed at least 233,176 people since the epidemic first appeared in China last December, according to an AFP census based on official sources at 11:00 GMT, Friday.

It also recorded more than 3,264,200 injuries in 195 countries and regions. At least 922,900 have recovered. This number reflects only part of the actual number of injured, as tests to detect injuries in a number of countries are limited to cases requiring hospital care.

The United States is the country worst affected by the epidemic, with the death toll recorded on its soil 63.019 out of 1,070,032 injuries. At least 153,947 people have been cured.

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