After being bullied … Shikabalas memorable stances with Egyptian football fans


Shikabala, a player in Zamalek, was exposed to a wave of mockery through social media sites, after he published his photo with his wife and son, which was rejected by many football stars altogether and in detail, and Shikabala published a number of support messages he received from a large number of Zamalek stars, Whether in football such as Mahmoud Fathallah, Mustafa Muhammad, Youssef Obama, Abdullah Jumah, Omar Al-Saeed and other players, and handball stars Hassan Qaddah, Muhammad Mahmoud Hashem and media personality Naira al-Ahmar, unlike Moamen Zakaria, the Al-Ahly player who was keen to support the Black Panther.

The leader of Zamalek used a Quranic verse from Surat Al-Muzzammil to respond to that campaign he was exposed to, and he posted via Instagram Instagram his picture, which one of the fans posted, commenting on it: “Be patient with what they say and desert them beautifully,” and Al-Fahad Al-Asmar re-published the support of Abdullah Juma Zamalek player for him, where the latter published their photo commenting on it: “Uncle of the people“.

To find out about Shikabalas humanitarian stances with football fans, Via Super Kore .. click here

Moamen Zakaria, the first football team’s playmaker in Al-Ahly club, was keen to support Mahmoud Abdel Razzaq Shikabala, the Zamalek playmaker, after a campaign of satire that he was exposed to from some fans on social media sites, after publishing his photo with his wife and son, which was rejected by the fans and poles in total. Al-Ahly and Zamalek. They emphasized that sport is “ethics” and that those who do these things do not enjoy sportsmanship.


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