After deleting his photo, Khaled Boutayeb condemns Zamalek’s celebration of the Confederation


Moroccan condemned Khaled Boutayeb, Zamalek striker, the club page celebration of the white coronation of the Confederation Cup, which won its last title.
A denunciation came Nice Because he was removed from the photo of the players celebrating the coronation and snatching the first African title after an absence of 16 years, for the last title won by the white team.

The Moroccan striker put on his page on the social networking site Facebook the original photos a poster with the deleted image, expressing surprise at this strange behavior and the denial of his role with his colleagues in the tournament because of his complaint against the club after the last break of the contract unilaterally.

It is worth noting that the Moroccan player refused to withdraw his complaint against Zamalek FIFA to obtain the penalty clause after the club broke his contract.

The Moroccan newspapers had indicated that Boutayeb had rejected the offer submitted by the club of Zamalek to pay him a million and a half million dollars to give up the complaint he lodged against the club with FIFA, and demanded that they pay 3 million dollars.


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