After discretion .. Al-Wefaq announces the cause of death of the head of the intelligence service


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Hours after the mystery surrounding the death of the intelligence chief, Abdel Qader El-Tohamy, the Libyan government of Al-Wefaq announced Sunday that the latter had died of a heart attack, on Saturday.

The media office of Al-Wefaq on Twitter, citing a statement of the Presidential Council, said that Al-Tohamy died on Saturday “after a sudden heart attack.”

The Presidential Council mourned the head of the intelligence agency, whose reports conflicted at dawn this morning about the causes of his death, and the silence of Al-Wefaq increased this conflict.

Libyan sources indicated that the official had been killed two days after he was kidnapped by the “Al-Nawasi” militia, while accounts close to the Al-Wefaq government indicated that the death was caused by a heart attack and was subsequently transferred to the hospital, where he passed away.

In addition, other sources reported that the Al-Nawasi militia affiliated with the Ministry of Interior of al-Wifaq handed over his body to his family two days after his arrest, suggesting that he could be physically eliminated.

It is noteworthy that Major General Abdul Qadir Al-Tohamy has been leading the intelligence service in the Al-Wefaq government since April 2017, and he is one of Muammar Gaddafi’s men, as he was an officer in the external security apparatus.

He returned to the current Libyan scene 6 years after the overthrow of the previous regime, where he was appointed director of the National Center for Combating Illegal Immigration, and after 4 months he was assigned to head the intelligence service.

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