After ending the embargo, these countries will pay you to travel to it


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Friday May 29, 2020

The tourism sector in many countries of the world has suffered great losses due to the travel ban to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.
Some countries are seeking to attract tourists to it again after the ban is lifted, by offering some attractive facilities and offers. Below are some of these offers, according to the British newspaper The Sun, quoting the “Emirates 24” website.
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Sicily, Italy
Sicily off the south of Italy is trying to attract foreign visitors to the island, and with every three nights you stay in a hotel, one of them will be free, in addition to free tickets to visit museums and archaeological sites. The government will also pay half the cost of the ticket to tourists.
The government will use 50 million euros (55 million dollars) to finance the program, plus losses of 1 billion euros (1.1 billion dollars) reported in March and April.
The Japanese government is considering many incentives for tourists, including paying for half of the plane ticket, and is considering subsidizing other travel expenses for travelers.
“The government has allocated 12.5 billion dollars to encourage tourism,” Japan Tourism Agency spokesman Hiroshi Tabata told a news conference.
The Mexican resorts of Cancun are looking for free accommodation at the hotel upon the return of the tourists, and the offers will include a free 2-night stay for every two paid nights, with some suggestions for discounts on plane tickets as well, according to local media.
Some beaches in Bulgaria will be free for tourists, as well as amenities such as sun loungers and parasols. These offers encourage families to return by helping them to save money.
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