After exchanging charges of rape and extortion .. Menna Abdulaziz and her boyfriend: “We are friends and the dialogue is over” (video)


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“Mazen is my oldest brother and we reconciled with us,” thus Mouna Abdulaziz, the star of the tuk-tuk, returned again, so that her name will be the most widely circulated hours after her exit in a video confirming that she was raped by her friend, Mazen.

In a video posted on Mazen’s account on Facebook, Menna appeared, stressing that she was not raped by her boyfriend, saying: “There was no problem between us, in girls that occurred between me and Mazen, there is no rape that was beaten and distorted me only, and the girls are my friends. Those who photographed and dialogue concluded salvation.

Less than two hours after the video was published, Menna appeared with her husband, Mazen, and another person sitting together, and Mazen spoke, saying: “Mena said that this rape dialogue was under the state of collapse and the bad psychological situation she was going through, all of which is a lie”, to interrupt him by saying: “There is no need between us, my elder brother, and we reconciled, and every year you are kind.”

The beginning of the story dates back to the appearance of Menna, whom he follows through her account on Instagram of nearly 50 thousand people, with many bruises on her face crying, to reveal that she was subjected to a rape and forced duress from her boyfriend in agreement with a number of her girl friends.

Mena said: “In videos that spread to me by force and rape, one of them, Mazen Ibrahim, raped me and my cameraman forcibly beat me and exposed me in all my body. Not because I am an orphan, or I do not know the defect is correct, or I do not know the mistake.

Immediately, Mennas name began to lead the search engines, and from the information published through her account that she is married, and is keen to publish many of the videos that she collects with her husband or alone, as her account on the video application “Tik Tok” is followed by 83 thousand followers.

He had turned the hashtag (# Haqq_man_abdaziz) and the hashtag (# arrest_the_the rapist_Mazin_Abrahim) to the most frequently traded on Twitter, and through them many Twitter bloggers provided support to Menna, demanding the arrest of the person who accused her of rape.

On the other hand, Mazen Ibrahim, the young man whom she accuses of raping, this morning, came out with a group of videos via his Facebook account, to respond to the accusation of Mena, revealing that she was exposed to many family and psychological crises, stressing that the relationship between them was good and a relationship of friendship It was always her help.

Ibrahim demanded in the video that he wanted to go to forensic medicine and sign a checkup to make sure he was not exposed to it, and also revealed that he had been subjected to extortion from Menna to obtain the money.

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