After filming is over … this is what Ahmed Salah Hosni said about “The Fatwa”


11:51 PM

Wednesday 06 May 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

The artist Ahmed Salah Hosni was keen to send a message to all the heroes of the “Al-Fatwa” series, after filming all of his scenes ended on Tuesday.

Hosni published a photo from the scenes of the last day of filming, through his account on Twitter, and commented: “To the extent of my happiness by the end of filming the fatwa yesterday after a long and arduous effort that lasted for months between filming the seal of the tiger and the fatwa at the same time .. It is estimated that my friends and sisters and all the team worked The bully is brutal.

He added: “O Lord, always gathered together for good. And, God willing, at the end of Ramadan, we will rejoice at the success of the bully, as we were dreaming, O Lord, Fatwa, Ramadan 2020”.

The series “Al-Fatwa” starring: Yasser Jalal, Ahmed Salah Hosni, Mai Omar, Najla Badr, Ahmed Khalil, Riyadh Al-Khouli, and a number of artists, and was written by Hani Sarhan and directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi.

Ahmed Salah Hosni


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