After Google .. Huawei directed the first blow to Microsoft


The U.S. Department of Commerce has included, Over the past year, Huawei Corporation Huawei, On the blacklist of trade, after the Chinese company announced the development of its operating system called HarmonyOS, and Huawei is currently planning to launch computers with its operating system.
According to the “gizchina” website, new leaks came via Huaweicentral on the Chinese Weibo website, saying that Huawei plans to support the next generation of laptops with the company’s own operating system HARMONYOS 2.0, instead of the company’s Windows 10 system Microsoft American.

And as reported in the leaks, the new devices with HarmonyOS 2.0 system will be introduced in the Chinese market at the beginning, along with Kunpeng processors, and the leaks confirmed that the local market has already started supporting Huawei in establishing supply chains for computers.

Huawei stated that the HarmonyOS operating system being developed is a flexible system, which was developed by the Chinese company to support work on smart watches, computers, cars, TV and other smart devices.

In spite of the problems related to Huawei’s inability to use Google services in its smartphones that run Android operating system, Huawei has replaced the services of the American search giant, with Huawei and AppGallery services, where Huawei needs a lot of time to develop an integrated operating system to support its phones Smart to become the third operating system in the world, and to emulate Android systems from Google or iOS from Apple.

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