After his father’s marriage to Yasmine Sabry .. A video of Ahmed Abu Hashima making a noise in a rare appearance and this is his age?


After businessman Ahmad Abu Hashima made headlines and public attention due to his marriage to the star Yasmine Sabry, there was a resounding surprise that was widely circulated during the past hours, a video that shows Ibn Hashimas son.

Where he appeared in a rare video called “Omar”, the son of Ahmed Abu Hashima, during which he recorded a sports dialogue in which he talked about his love for Al-Ahly and his wish for him, as he plays within his ranks in a team born in 2000; As businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima revealed in one of the previous press interviews that he has two sons (Omar and Youssef) from his first marriage, where his oldest son is 20 years old, while his younger son Youssef is 17 years old now.

The audience interacted with the video, as many did not know that the businessman had a young son, while others flirted with him in his self-confidence and in responding to the broadcaster’s question about his father’s help to him, as he appeared in minutes about his love for the ball and his desire to complete his career in it, and that his father He did not help him join the team, and noted that playing football is a matter of talent, not mediation.

It is worth noting that Ahmed Abu Hashima and Yasmine Sabry announced their marriage officially days before Ramadan, when their love story culminated in marriage after a short engagement period.

It is also mentioned that the artist, Yasmine Sabry, has a 9-year-old daughter from her first marriage before she entered the art.


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