After his prediction of “the demise of Israel” .. “the end” returns to the circle of controversy due to eating “Freemasonry”


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After criticizing his first episodes by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs for his prediction of the disappearance of the Israeli occupation state, the series “The End” returned to provoke controversy again due to his handling of the “Masonry” issue, and the emergence of the artist Iyad Nassar with one eye in the role of the president of the oasis and the president of the entire world.

The art critic, Tariq Al-Shinnawi, criticized the series for its coverage of “Freemasonry,” saying: “It is an ambiguous and versatile expression that changes from time to time, Egypt had authorized Masonic temples, and was one of the figures known for joining Freemasonry Jamal al-Din Al-Afghani.”

“Al-Shennawi” added to “Al-Masry Al-Youm”: “The problem with the series is that it took a vague meaning for Freemasonry, and started building upon it hostility and attack,” noting at the same time that it is “no-one of course who can absolve Freemasonry from any corruption.”

He continued: «It was better for the series not to be exposed to any doctrine or a specific thought, and this doctrine is ambiguous in its makers and with history as well, and the inclusion of Freemasonry in the drama is incorrect», considering that «the work is full of intellectual flop since entering the gelatinous region after 100 years, and the demise of Israel» .

He went on to say: “This idea in particular finds a good resonance with the Arabs, not Israel,” saying that “the series contains a kind of naivety in the expression, and this type of drama must be based on artistic logic, and not distort the imagination of the viewer.”

The art critic criticized the necessity of “separating religion from reality and imagination,” commenting: “There is a lot of information passed on to generations and has no religious or historical basis.”

And he saw that «labor makers should have studied carefully their perception of the world after 100 years. With the current huge technological progress, we can see what is really happening in the series after only 10 or 20 years. ”

The art critic concluded his speech by saying, “In general, there are problems related to the imagination that was embodied in the series with ideas or visual vision.”

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