After Mahmoud Kahraba separated from the sister of the Egyptian theater star, the most prominent crises of football stars with female artists


Rumors hit Ghada Abdel Razek’s daughter, Rotana, and her association with Mohamed Shawky

May Ezzeddine separated from Zidane because of his wife

Many crises arise between football stars and artists, especially married couples, because the audience is not tired of chasing celebrities and knowing their personal details, whether they are about engagement, separation or rumors.

There were a lot of crises, football and art stars, whether it was separation or rumors of engagement. During this report, we monitor the most prominent crises of football stars and artists.

Nourhan Abdel Fattah and Mahmoud Kahraba

Raised the player Mahmoud Abdel Moneim electrified, A case of widespread controversy immediately after his decision to delete the name of his fiancee Nourhan Abdel-Fattah, sister of the star of the Egyptian theater “Isra”, through his account on the social networking site “Instagram”.

A decision came Mahmoud Kahraba By deleting her name after appearing in a program Rams crazy official, Which is presented by Ramez Jalal via the “mbc Egypt” channel.

Nurhan reacted to this matter by removing his name also from her account on Instagram, which confirms their separation and the dissolution of the engagement.

So far, news of a separation has not been confirmed Electrified Norhan, whether or not, their relationship in general is ambiguous, despite the announcement of their association last February, but they did not publish any of the photos that they together together through their accounts on the sites of communication.

Mai Ezz El-Din and Zidan

In 2009, Mohamed Zidan announced his engagement to the artist Mai Ezz El Din, but that engagement was not complete, especially since the player entered into crises with his Danish wife, which are the problems that led to the dissolution of the engagement between Mai Ezz El Din and Zidan, after which the player announced his end in the European stadiums, and we moved to Baniyas Emirati.

Rotana and Mohamed Shawky

There were rumors in the artistic community in Egypt in 2010 that Muhammad Shawky was associated with “Rotana”, the daughter of Ghada Abdel Razek, especially after they reported that they were seen together on more than one occasion, the most recent of which was the ceremony held by Ghada Abdel Razek for her daughter on the occasion of her excellence and graduation from the Aviation Academy in Jordan, where he made sure Shop to congratulate Rotana and take commemorative photos with it.

But soon the actress Ghada Abdel Razek came out and denied what a number of press reports recently said about her daughter Rotanas association with Al-Ahly and the Egyptian soccer team player Mohamed Shawky.

Ghada Abdel Razek confirmed that everything that newspapers and magazines are discussing on this subject is just rumors, and that Mohamed Shawky is just a friend of the family.


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