After recovering … the capital of fashion and pizza resumes life


Source: Dubai – Al Arabiya Channel

Finally, more than 60 million Italians have returned to a new normal life after a sharp drop in deaths and injuries due to the Corona epidemic. It breathed more than 80 percent of productive, industrial, service and commercial activities. At the forefront of all this fashion and pizza is what distinguishes Italians from others in Europe and the world.

“We opened the store yesterday and started with a small number of customers, of course, and we are still afraid, but we hope that the situation will improve,” says a fashion store owner.

Fashion is the lifeblood of Italy. Armani: Over 60 million Italians sleep and wake up every day in clothes made by the finest Italian fashion houses in the world. Valentino. Funky Dolce. where is that. Trussardi and Max Mara.

Although the virus is infected with Corona. After manufacturing the masks against the virus, Italian fashion soon returned with fresh cuts and beautiful, bright colors to decorate the windows of more than a thousand retail stores.

The pizza is also the favorite food of the Italians, especially the best Napoli pizza in the world, and it is the only healthy, nutritionally integrated, fast food that is innocent of all harms of other fast food with the testimony of nutritionists. Pizza is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List for Italy.

And definitely fashion and pizza after the Corona virus changed before the virus, especially fashion that put beauty lines after comfort lines and a consumer economy that was backed by financial and psychological closures and imprisonment measures. And the radiance of life must return to it again.

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