After the assistant to the deputy governor of Qalyubia governor was injured in Corona …


04:40 am

Sunday 17 May 2020

Qalyubia – Osama Alaeddin:
The competent authorities in Qalyubia Governorate launched a massive campaign to clean up the governorate’s general office in Benhaya, as a precaution, after an employee of the Deputy Governor’s Office was infected with the emerging coronavirus and undergoing treatment.

The campaign included spraying offices, different roles and the office referred to with disinfectants and chlorine, where the sterilization team at the Diwan and the Health Directorate conducted sterilization operations after announcing the injury.

The analyzes had proven that M.H., an assistant to the Deputy Governor, had contracted the emerging coronavirus, where the patient had isolated himself at home a week ago after feeling symptoms of the disease.

While the governorate stressed preventive measures by measuring the temperature with detectors for the daily visitors to the governorate, as well as operating two sterilization gates, which the governorate recently received from the “Long Live Egypt” fund in the framework of fighting the Corona virus and the “We Share the Crisis” initiative.

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