After the bats..a new guest transmits the virus to humans


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Bats seem to have been unjust since last December, after they were alone accused of infiltrating the new Corona virus, which kills more than 5 million around the world and shakes major economies.

For months, several studies and analyzes confirmed that the virus was transmitted to humans from Bats, With the possibility that it is Pangolin, or cinnamon, or what is known as “Anteater”, A small mammal shaped “intermediate focus” that transmitted the human pathogen.

But this time, the new guest came from the Netherlands, with the brightness of the name “mink”.

The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture announced today, Monday, that it has discovered what it believes is the second case in which the human coronavirus is transmitted to humans after contact with an infected mink.

Little risk

However, Minister Carola Shoten confirmed in a letter to Parliament that the National Institute of Health believes that the risk of transmission of the virus from mink to humans outside the farms where these animals live is negligible.

This comes after the government announced the discovery of the disease “Mink” on a farm in the south of the country, on April 26, which led to a wider investigation, which included farms where this animal is required for its fur.

Last week, the government announced the discovery of the first case of Coffid transmission of 19 minks to humans.

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